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#1 Technical Support » Stop bouncing back to real location?? » 2016-07-12 00:22:33

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I had the new 'go' game working with mock locations, but the exposed mock mock module doesnt seem to work, it worked for 5 minutes and stopped.

So now I'm using this as a system app, currently set to gps only. Google maps stopped. I don't think anything from xposed is running.

So everything is default.
Update: 1,5,50,1000 all keep teleporting me home.
Accuracy: 1.
Speed: 5km/hr.

Move around fake location(tried both on and off): Set to about 5-10m per second to hatch things as I go.

Anyway anyone got any tips? Xprivacy might help I guess? But I have no clue which of the 100 options for the location category or whatever other options to restrict.

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