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How to save a logfile

If you face a bug and the app crashes for example i can help you the best if you send me a logfile with the error messages.

If activated, I would get the error messages from google, too. But that takes one or two days. So better send it directly.

Do not post them in the forum because they may contain sensitive data like your gmail adress.

How to save a logfile:

  1. Activate "USB-Debugging" in the developer options of your device. If you can't find the "developer options" just google it - it's hidden by default.

  2. Connect your device to your PC - of course the proper driver should be installed.

  3. Download this toolkit (or follow any tutorial on the internet):

  4. Extract this archive and start "clear logcat.bat"

  5. Then reproduce the bug/crash and click on "dumplogcat.bat"

  6. A file named "logcat.txt" appeared in the same folder - send that to me

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