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#1 2016-02-20 10:41:33

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Change GPS accuracy number, but keep current location

I recently modified my gps.conf, so it gets aGPS data. That's nice, because it seems to get my current position even when I'm inside, and it doesn't have any satellites in sight.
Problem: The accuracy the system gives out is about ~9,4 kilometres, and certain apps (like I*****s) don't allow such a "bad" accuracy (even though that number isn't right). I actually didn't buy this app for spoofing I*****s, but I think it isn't cheating if you correct your accuracy.

Long story short: Please implement a feature (using system app / Xposed) for changing the GPS accuracy, but keeping the current location (also if the location is moving).

Thanks in advance and for answering.

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#2 2016-05-04 02:17:19

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Re: Change GPS accuracy number, but keep current location

Hello NoNameBAM,
this would be no problem but it doesn't fit in the concept of the app. The settings and everything is complicated enough right now wink
I will consider to implement it into another app i will release soon ( The app can be used to check all location related information and privacy - it's what i use for testing gps fake location toolkit )


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