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#1 2014-11-27 05:19:27

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Version 1.7.6

Version 1.7.6 - 27.11.2014:

  • Fixed bug with routes - stopped after first waypoint

  • Added more accurate speed and bearing to locations in route mode.

  • Added green color for first and red color for last waypoint of route

  • Fixed a error in google licensing service which caused the app to crash in Android L

  • Overrided the default behaviour of the "menu" button in the main app to directly go to settings

  • Fixed an issue where the lat/long input was opened by default when the app was started

  • Fixed an issue where the position jumped to the coast of south africa when no last position is available

  • Updated the theme to better fit the google L material design

  • Feature: always start routes at first waypoint option


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