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#1 2016-05-31 11:20:11

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More randomizers - alt & speed


first of all thanks for your great tool - I would kindly ask for some additional randomizes (like they are already implemented for lat & lon).


As far as I have understand, the app request every minute the altitude (based on the current position) - this implies that the alt would have the same value for at least one minute - till the alt will be re-requested. It would be extremely cool, if the user have the possibility to adjust this alt fetching frequency - and if in between the current alt value would be additionally randomized.


The app generates a constant stream of locations with a constant speed - it would be highly appreciated if the "speed" could be randomized as well (keeping the overall entered average speed).

Even more "perfect" it would be (but I doubt that it can be implemented easily), if the speed decrease massively if we are approaching a turn (route mode) - and of course increase again after the turn was made.


Here I am currently unsure, if the gpsfixes created by the app include the number of satellites - if not it would be great, if they can be included - if this number is already included, then also some randomizer would be appreciated.

Thanks for your Time

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#2 2016-05-31 12:19:26

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Re: More randomizers - alt & speed

i added all of those features to the backlog.

Right now i'm working on more stealth locations so it may take some time until i can implement those


#3 2016-05-31 22:28:17

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Re: More randomizers - alt & speed

Verry good ideas smile +1


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