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#1 2016-07-08 09:47:32

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[LG G3 - Xposed] Phone Crash

Hi, the app crashes my phone as soon as it goes to background (switching windows, pressing home button).
But only with activated xposed module.

App Version: 2.3.0
Running Pokemon GO v 0.29.0
Phone: LG G3 D855
Android Version : Stock 6.0

Here is the logcat

It produces some NullPointer Exception.
The beginning of the logcat is truncated because it was too big, write me if u need this too.


#2 2016-07-16 20:07:17

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Re: [LG G3 - Xposed] Phone Crash


the crash is related to your device (android version) only. I will need some time to track it down completly and fix it.
Switching to stock android or some more widespread version like cm would fix the problem for you.
Until then you won't be able to use the xposed module.
Sorry for the inconvenience


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