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#1 2016-07-19 10:31:59

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First of all i have to say, this is a really great app, works fine for me.

But it would be great if you could enhance the possibillities of scripting.
Nice features would be:

* Define time to wait on each stop.
* Define speed for each stop.
* Define wether to go straight line or follow streets.

Thanks a lot



#2 2016-07-19 20:29:22

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Re: Scripting

Hello Thomas,
thanks for your feedback. I would also really appriciate an good google play review smile

To your features:
The wait for each stop is already implemented. I must admit that it's a bit tricky to build a route with wait times through the interface.
But if you set the wait time in the preferences all new added waypoints will have that wait time. So to build an route with different wait times you would have to go to the settings everytime you want to alter the period.
Or you use an text editor to alter the route (this should be much easier). You can find a tutorial here:
You can also mix streight lines and "follow streets" with the 2 different buttons in the main interface.
Different speeds is a bit hard to implement, because i would have to change the complete data model to assure it keeps performant. I will put some more thought in it - don't expect it in the near future.


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