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#1 2016-07-26 08:56:56

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Location-Jumping with NMEA Stream


I'm using the GPS Location Kit for some weeks now and basically I'm more than happy to have found it. However, since a few days the location happens to jump arround. Sometimes it sets me somewhere in the ocean and sometimes in a random urban area. Already got some softbans in PGo. I know location jumping respectively GPS leaks might happen when using regular spoofing methods; however, I'm simulating the NMEA stream so I don't understand how this can happen. Neither the PGo App nor the GPS Kit has had an update the last days which makes me even more desperate as I do not understand why the hell it suddenly stopped working as flawlesly as it used to.

Did this happen to anyone else or is it maybe a common bug caused by a certain config? Wifi-supported GPS etc. is deactived in my mobile's config.

Would be glad to get an answer smile.
Thanks in advance and best regards!


#2 2016-08-06 20:19:15

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Re: Location-Jumping with NMEA Stream

Yes route starts then jumps to phone location


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