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#1 2015-02-10 14:49:02

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Version 2.0.4

Version 2.0.4 - 10.02.2015:

New way of faking positions:
The app will use the Xposed Framework to insert the positions. If you don't know it, please google it.
Currently it will only work on Android 4.2+ to Lollipop (excluded). It doesn't work with Lollipop because Xposed doesn't work on Lollipop yet.
Of course the system app method is still supported.

Features of the new method:

  • Position never jumps again

  • No need to install as system app

  • Simulation of NMEA Raw stream possible (This is a performance intensive task - if it slows or crashes your device - try without it)

Xposed Instructions:

  1. Install the Xposed Installer: … .installer

  2. Install Xposed Framework (Click in the installer)

  3. Reboot

  4. Activate my App in Xposed -> Modules

  5. Reboot

Configure your device and app:

  • Set "location" to device only / gps

  • Deactivate "mock locations" if activated

  • If you are using Xposed do not use a "update intervall" < 1000 !!!  1000 is the perfect setting

  • If you wish to simulate NMEA check the option in settings (It is only there if Xposed is available)

Important: To fully deactivate and use the normal gps again you need to deactivate the Xposed Module again! If there are still problems - reboot.

Now the other new features and changes:

  • Feature: Import locations from other apps like Google Maps (Use "Share" or similar option). Supports standard "gmaps" format and "geo:" format.

  • Feature: Added Pause/Resume button to notification

  • "Go to App" Button is now just a click on the notification

  • Feature: Altitude now supported - The app will query a new altitude every minute and at every start. There is a limit of 2500 requests per day per user. If that is exeeded the default altitude is used.

  • Feature: New, more performant view of routes

  • Feature: Get road directions and add them to the route (the route is calculated from your actual position to the target). Limited to 2500 requests per day per user.

  • Feature: New, automated and better crash reports. Now the app will send crash reports directly to me (if you allow it). There is a button in the settings of the app where you can send a crash report without actually having a crash - please use it directly after you see a bug that didn't crash the device and describe the bug in the comment field. Do not spam or i will have to block your device hmm

  • Fixed a speed calculation problem

  • Fixed a problem where position jumped on route

  • Fixed some performance issues

  • Fixed some crashes


#2 2015-02-11 16:44:28

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Re: Version 2.0.4

NEWS: Xposed announced the lollipop update!


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